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TMS Visits Cliff Chiang's Studio to Talk Paper Girls | The Mary Sue

We went to Cliff Chiang's Brooklyn studio to talk Wonder Woman and Paper Girls.

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Animation Roundtable Talks Women and POC, Includes Neither ...

This roundtable says a lot about the industry's gender problem without meaning to.

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Alain Gagnol on Phantom Boy's Style and Protagonists | The Mary Sue

Phantom Boy gives us some unconventional heroes.

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Interview: A Piggy's Tale Creators on Empathy

Tod Emko and Ethan Young's A Piggy's Tale is a comic about the 3-legged Super-Pup that promotes empathy over violence.

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Review: Studio Ghibli's Ocean Waves Explores Adolescence and Its ...

Studio Ghibli's slice of life story is full of heart, if somewhat predictable.

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Interview: Saadi Yacef on the Role and Representation of Women in The Battle of Algiers—Both Film and Reality

An interview with former FLN member, Senator, and actor/producer Saadi Yacef at NY's Film Forum

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New Yorker Receives First Known Intersex Birth Certificate | The ...

55-year-old Sara Kelly Keenan, whose preferred pronouns are she/her, received the first known intersex birth certificate in the United States.

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Hearing Diego Luna's Accent Made a Fan's Dad Emotional | The ...

Is it raining? No, that's just my face.

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Interview: Directors of Mune: Guardian of the Moon on Allowing Heroes to Make Mistakes

Mune is a story mesmerizing in its mythology.

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Interview: Josie Long on Finding Optimism in Comedy Amidst Political Disaster

British comedian Josie Long talks Brexit and Adele.

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Jennifer Yuh Nelson Made Animation History and Pushed Authenticity for Kung Fu Panda

A video essay on Jennifer Yuh Nelson's career and being a woman in animation.

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80 Female Artists Fight Back: Uprise/Angry Women Exhibit | The ...

I interview female artists making art against Trump.

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Francis Ford Coppola Wants an Apocalypse Now Video Game | The ...

What is Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now game going to look like?

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Tower Masterfully Tells the Story of a 1966 Mass Shooting By Focusing on Survivors’ Experiences, Not on the Shooter

Keith Maitland's Tower shows how to tell a violent story responsibly.